This podcast discusses Apple App development with a focus on Swift. It also discusses the life, skills, and challenge of being a developer in today's World.

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Perpetual beta life

A developer journal episode as I deal with life in constant beta.

Using Process() to run terminal commands in Apps. + Don't give up in the beginning

Two topics in this episode. First, I explain how to run terminal commands in a macOS GUI application. I use Git as an example. Second, don't give up when you hit the f...

iOS 16, New Hardware, Developer Tools in a Virtual Machine

iOS 16 is out, a quick look at the new iPhones, and some thoughts on running those developer tools in a virtual machine instead of the host OS.

New OS versions are on the way, let's talk back up strategy

Yes, we are very close indeed it seems to getting our hands on those new OS final releases from Apple. Back let's not rush and be sensible, back up everything and make...

Developer Journal - Update all the things

A busy week for me, updating all my installs of the betas plus lots of Web page work for a personal app and the Compile Swift Web site.

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