This podcast discusses Apple App development with a focus on Swift. It also discusses the life, skills, and challenge of being a developer in today's World.

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Black Friday suggestions to invest in you

A thought on taking advantage of sales in the holiday season to invest in yourself and your career.

Prototyping with SwiftUI

In this episode, some thoughts on stage manager for iPad and macOS, I tried prototyping with SwiftUI and have some thoughts on why you may want to try it.

It is OK to write ugly code when time runs out

Yes, we should all strive to write nice, efficient code. But there are times when the clock is ticking, and you need to get it done and ship. Then it's time to ship ug...

Developer life and mental health with Jay Wilson

I could not think of a better way to celebrate the 100th episode of the Podcast than to sit down with someone I admire and discuss developer life and mental health. So...

Perpetual beta life

A developer journal episode as I deal with life in constant beta.

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