This podcast discusses Apple App development with a focus on Swift. It also discusses the life, skills, and challenge of being a developer in today's World.

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Richard Zarth - Developer and Mentor, Really Simple Arcade and helping others

In this episode, I sit down to talk with Richard Zarth. An indie developer, we discuss Swift, the software industry, really simple arcade, Pokemon watch app, open-sour...

Marin Todorov - dataTile and SwiftUI in Production

I am honored to have Marin Todorov join me to talk about dataTile, a developer tool, and using SwiftUI in production.

2023 development goals and looking ahead

Time to welcome 2023 and talk about some plans I have for development this year including, podcast updates, new apps, and more.

My end of year review of my development year

Yep, it's that time when I stop and look back at how my year went, the highs and lows of my choices. This greatly helps me think about next year. I urge you to conside...

Black Friday suggestions to invest in you

A thought on taking advantage of sales in the holiday season to invest in yourself and your career.

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