This podcast discusses Apple App development with a focus on Swift. It also discusses the life, skills, and challenge of being a developer in today's World.

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How to communicate and educate people at all levels of understanding.

In this episode, I offer some tips on how to improve your communication skills and deliver the message successfully to people at all skill and understanding levels.

The best bits of Xcode 14?

I have compiled a list of the important things I think we need to know about Xcode 14 based on available details. There are some great new features and changes in my o...

WWDC22 Keynote Discussion with Leo Dion

So much packed into this episode as we talk about all things Apple Keynote WWDC 2022. There is also a video version in the links below.

Pre-WWDC22 Advice preparing for the conference

Before June the 6th hits and WWDC22 starts, here's some advice on how to prepare those machines and your brain for all the new stuff about to hit us.

Goodbye iPod, hello new OS versions and more.

Another bumper crop of items this week, including new OS releases and a goodbye to the beloved iPod range.

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