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Black Friday suggestions to invest in you

A thought on taking advantage of sales in the holiday season to invest in yourself and your career.

Prototyping with SwiftUI

In this episode, some thoughts on stage manager for iPad and macOS, I tried prototyping with SwiftUI and have some thoughts on why you may want to try it.

It is OK to write ugly code when time runs out

Yes, we should all strive to write nice, efficient code. But there are times when the clock is ticking, and you need to get it done and ship. Then it's time to ship ug...

Developer life and mental health with Jay Wilson

I could not think of a better way to celebrate the 100th episode of the Podcast than to sit down with someone I admire and discuss developer life and mental health. So...

Perpetual beta life

A developer journal episode as I deal with life in constant beta.

Using Process() to run terminal commands in Apps. + Don't give up in the beginning

Two topics in this episode. First, I explain how to run terminal commands in a macOS GUI application. I use Git as an example. Second, don't give up when you hit the f...

iOS 16, New Hardware, Developer Tools in a Virtual Machine

iOS 16 is out, a quick look at the new iPhones, and some thoughts on running those developer tools in a virtual machine instead of the host OS.

New OS versions are on the way, let's talk back up strategy

Yes, we are very close indeed it seems to getting our hands on those new OS final releases from Apple. Back let's not rush and be sensible, back up everything and make...

Developer Journal - Update all the things

A busy week for me, updating all my installs of the betas plus lots of Web page work for a personal app and the Compile Swift Web site.

Preparing to ship, some tips to avoid a disaster in the App Store

It sounds easy, press the release button and go live in the App Store. But there are plenty of tasks that you should do first. Here are some tips and gotchas to make f...

Developer journal - beta 5, project and livestream community updates

It's a developer journal episode, catching up on my latest adventures, including where I'm at with projects and those all-new beta 5s

SwiftUI and CoreData, a delightful surprise

I took a look at SwiftUI and CoreData this week and was very surprised how easy it was to get started.

News, Updates, and a new app

Catching up on some news, public beta OS releases, and a new app idea that's happening on the live stream.

Tools I use every day

In this episode, I share a clip from one of my other Podcasts where I listed the software tools I use every day when working on projects. This fits right in with our d...

How to communicate and educate people at all levels of understanding.

In this episode, I offer some tips on how to improve your communication skills and deliver the message successfully to people at all skill and understanding levels.

The best bits of Xcode 14?

I have compiled a list of the important things I think we need to know about Xcode 14 based on available details. There are some great new features and changes in my o...

WWDC22 Keynote Discussion with Leo Dion

So much packed into this episode as we talk about all things Apple Keynote WWDC 2022. There is also a video version in the links below.

Pre-WWDC22 Advice preparing for the conference

Before June the 6th hits and WWDC22 starts, here's some advice on how to prepare those machines and your brain for all the new stuff about to hit us.

Goodbye iPod, hello new OS versions and more.

Another bumper crop of items this week, including new OS releases and a goodbye to the beloved iPod range.

App Store Spring Cleaning, My Thoughts

Apple recently let developers know that it intends to clean out some of the apps that are gathering dust.

New Xcode, Xcode version management, WWDC22

News and a useful tool in this episode.

Listener Question - SwiftUI or UIKit? When and how to make the transition

Thanks to a live-stream viewer and podcast listener for this weeks question.

Mac Studio, New Releases, New Communities

News catch-up episode including new hardware, software, and communities.

Tips for taking care of you

It is all to easy to sit in front of a machine and crank out work all day, every day. But what about taking care of yourself?

3 Ways to improve developer skills

3 tips on how you can improve and maintain those vital developer skills you use every day.

I didn't know that I didn't know

A lesson learned this week by me is to not overlook the obvious and take it for granted.

The live stream community game project and how you can join in

The CompileSwift live stream has a great community, everyone is participating in working on a game that we all get to benefit from. If this sounds like something you'd...

2021 Wrap Up

A quick thank you and please check out my guest appearance on the podcast to discuss our hits, misses, and year of Apple development. You can find the...

Apple new OS and Xcode releases, My figma exploration

Just in time for this episode Apple has kindly released new versions of their OS' and Xcode for us to talk about. I also talk about my recent live stream on CompileSwi...

Back in the Pod seat with MacBook Pro 14 Experiences

In this episode, I talk about a special episode coming up reviewing the year with Leo G Dion. I also share my thoughts after a couple of weeks with the MacBook Pro 13 ...

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