Where to get started learning Apple development

I decided it was time to put out an episode answering a question I often get.

"What do I learn to start coding on Apple platforms and for interviews."

So here is my list of recommendations of topics to get started with when it comes to developing on Apple's platforms and preparing for interviews. This is not exhaustive, but a place to start.

  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (00:27) - New to Apple development
  • (01:27) - MVVM
  • (04:22) - View building
  • (06:08) - Working with Data
  • (07:58) - Web Sockets, Rest APIs
  • (08:42) - App Store flow
  • (10:38) - Rate and review
  • (10:49) - Livestream
  • (11:09) - Buy me a Coffee

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Where to get started learning Apple development
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